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Copper has good resistance to, for instance, atmospheric corrosion, as proved by roofings on the buildings often dating back to ancient times. Nowadays copper is often used in the construction for façades coverings, electrical contacts and heat exchangers. MCB Specials supplies copper plates, bars, tubes and various profiles, immediately out of stock.

In many industrial and technical applications copper is a very important material due to its natural properties. Especially where a very high electrical and thermal conductivity is required, copper is of paramount importance. Nevertheless, the application of copper may cause problems where parts have to be processed on the lathes.
With the material grade Tellurium copper (Cu-Te) MCB Specials offers a special quality for the machining, which was deliberately developed for this application. OSNA-Cu58® is a low-alloyed copper alloy with low contents of tellurium, sulfur or lead. These elements significantly improve the machining properties of copper while its substantial properties such as conductivity are retained comparable with the level of the raw material copper.

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