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Brass is an alloy of copper with more than 15% zinc. It is relatively strong, has excellent corrosion resistance, is optically beautiful and is well-processable. In order to improve machinability, additional elements can be added. Brass at MCB Specials is available in plates, bars, tubes and various profiles, directly out of stock.

The primary requirement to brass is good machinability. This is obtained by adjusting the copper to zinc ratio and the addition of an alloy element lead. The element lead performs a dual function: it works as a chip breaker by turning and drilling and as a lubricant by machining. The addition of lead increases the tool's operating time significantly. Due to these properties of brass very high product yields and dry machining is possible. Vending brass meets the highest requirements for the finished products and machining.
RoHS Substance Directive
The European Parliament has drawn up regulations to the industry that restrict or prohibit the use of a number of harmful components, which should lead to less waste and make recycling simpler and more environmentally friendly. As of 2008, use of lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium in electrical and electronic equipment should be replaced by other substances. For all of the products currently on sale, MCB Specials meets these guidelines.
In cooperation with a leading factory, MCB Specials supplies a lead free brass quality Ecobrass®. This innovative brass alloy without any toxic alloying elements combines a series of favourable features. Ecobrass® has good mechanical properties and is well-transformable, both hot and cold. Due to the absence of heavy metals, the material is applicable in medical sector, but it mainly finds its way within the entire industrial world. Due to a low degree of the alloying element silicon, Ecobrass® is extremely easy to machine.
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