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Frequenty asked questions

  • Can I pick up my order from MCB Specials?
    Orders cannot be collected.
  • In which cases are data provided to third parties?
    Issuing data to third parties may be necessary for the implementation of an agreement. The particular third parties may process personal data, due to which they are designated as a processor according to the law. MCB Group demands a high level of personal data protection from its processors and will record the agreements in a processing agreement. Under no circumstances does MCB issue personal data to third parties for commercial gain.
  • With which objectives does MCB Group register personal data?
    • Fulfilling the role of customer, supplier or cooperation partner within the various facets of services in which MCB Group is active.
    • Issuing details to MCB Group processors, which is necessary for the implementation of an agreement between MCB Group and this processor. An MCB Group processor must always sign a processing agreement in which the rights of the persons involved are sufficiently safeguarded and the processor is obliged to secure the data appropriately.
    • The content of e-mail communication with our customer service can be used within the scope of training, coaching, quality and/or assessment purposes.
    • Part of MCB’s services to customers are the email shots sent by MCB Group to customers regularly. If you wish to receive these newsletters, you can leave your email address through the websites. You can unsubscribe from the email shots by clicking the particular link in email last received.
    • MCB Group regularly analyses how MCB Specials-website visitors use the site, enabling MCB Group to implement improvements.
    • After registration and sign-in in the “My MCB Specials” web portal, stored information can be viewed under “My data”.
  • Which personal data are used by MCB Group?

    The data that MCB Group processes are chiefly general business details. They are not covered by the legal regulations with regard to the protection of personal data. Contact persons’ data (name, contact details and position) for all clients and suppliers are, however, regarded as personal details to be protected.

    Within our customer system we use the following client data: gender, first and surnames, position title and department, telephone, fax, mobile phone number and email address.


  • How will MCB Group treat my data?

    MCB Group considers it important to take care of your personal data. It is not for nothing that one of our core values is reliability. This applies to all customer and supplier data that we register in our system for the provision of our services. We do this in accordance with the GDPR guidelines.

    MCB Group treats all the data that you have shared with us with the greatest of care. We base all our actions on the rules and regulations. MCB Group stores your data in various databases for which we maintain strict security measures. 

  • How can I reach MCB Specials?
    You can reach MCB Specials on working days from 8:00 to 17:00 hrs. You can order your products through the web portal anytime and anywhere.
    Click here to go to our contact page.
  • How can I order?
    You can order from MCB Specials if you are a registered customer. To register as a customer, click “Register”. We will contact you after you have completed your details.

    You are a customer, but you do not have an online account yet?
    Click Log in and then: “Request your password”.

    You are an online customer, but you have forgotten your password?
    Click Log in and then: ”Forgotten your password?".
  • What does this saw icon mean?
    You can easily order all your products online via MCB's webshop. The products that can be sawn to size are marked by this icon MCB sawing service iconMCB Zaagservice icoon. This allows you to see at a glance which materials are suitable for this purpose.
    After selecting a product and the desired dimensions, the "Cut to size"menu on the right will appear (if possible). When you select "Tailor-made", a field appears in which you can enter the exact size.
    Once you have confirmed the correct size, you can indicate how many pieces you want to order. Depending on your chosen length, we will determine the corresponding length tolerance for you. If this tolerance is not acceptable, you can request a suitable quotation in your shopping cart. The processing price and the material price are shown in the shopping cart. Click here to order directly.
  • I would like to become a MCB Specials customer.
    If you are not a MCB Specials customer, please clickh here. You can fill out the registration form and we will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Is there no purchase managers’ survey in the Netherlands?
    The Dutch Trade Association of Purchasers (Nevi) conducts a monthly survey in the Netherlands based on the American research. The main differences are that MCB Specials Machining buyer index is limited to the Machining industry only, which allows all purchasers in this industry (and not just a sample) to participate in the survey and that the research is conducted in a completely digital way.
  • Has MCB Specials developed this research?
    No, the MCB Specials Machining buyer index is based on a research conducted by industry association ISM in the United States since the 1920s with the industrial buyers. Everyone is free to take over the design of this research. Click here for more information about this research.
  • Should I look up our production and stock figures every month?
    The more accurate the better, but you can also give the answers based on your 'feeling'.
  • Machining buyer index: Do you reach everyone with an online survey?
    Research shows that around 90% of buyers in the metal industry have internet access. That 10% is unable to complete the research is a pity, but this disadvantage does not weigh against the benefits (fast, practical, cheap) of full digital research.
  • Why does MCB Specials actually do this?
    It fits in with the MCB Group's strategy, which MCB Specials belongs to, and where the customer's needs (and thus the information needs) are central.
    Do you have any questions yet? Mail this to
  • Why do all the Machining companies participate?
    Because the research is conducted online, the costs of additional participants are negligible. What MCB Specials does in this way is to tap into the collective intelligence of the buyers in the industry. Research shows that a group is much more intelligent than the most intelligent person in the group. So there is no expert who knows better than the buyers as 'collective'.
  • What does MCB Specials mean under "machining"?
    Machiners extract pieces of (mostly) metal semi-finished products such as bars, similar to a carpenter who runs a chair leg from a piece of wood. The CBS uses the following definition: "The general supply of semi-finished metal products and work pieces through machining operations such as drilling, turning, milling, sparking, machining, sawing, grinding, etc."
  • How is research happening in practice?
    All purchasers who work in the machining can request a member number at MCB Specials (, allowing them to report themselves on this site. After that, each month, the following process is performed:
    • Every 20th of the month an email will be sent with the request to fill in the questionnaire.
    • Every 22nd, anyone who has not filled in the questionnaire will receive a reminder.
    • Every 24th, everyone gets their own answers back, with the ability to compare them with industry's average.
  • How is the MCB Specials Machining buyer index calculated exactly?
    For each of the 5 questions (see 1), a number is calculated: the % 'more / shorter' plus half the  % of 'same'. The index is the average of these five numbers, though some things (such as the number of orders) are more important than others, and thus get a bigger weight. These weights are a.30% b.25% c.20% d.15% e.10% respectively.
  • Are the results of the MCB Specials Machining buyer index public?
    Every 1st of the following month, a press release will be compiled which discusses the most recent results in the light of previous results and other statistics. Participants of the survey would receive this press release automatically, other people can be placed on the mailing list for it. The press release will appear on the site of MCB Specials in the archive.
  • How are things arranged around the privacy of MCB Specials Machining buyer index?
    Everybody benefits from the most honest answers, and for that reason the research is conducted anonymously by, an online market researcher. Formdesk ensures the separation of people and their answers. MCB Specials has access to the e-mail addresses associated with sending invitations, results and press releases. The participant can specify what can happen with their email address. In any case, the addresses are never shared with the third parties.
  • What does the MCB Specials Machining buyer index say about the Machining industry?
    If the index is above 50, it is good for the industry (there is growth), if the index is below 50, it's not good (shrinkage).
  • What exactly is the MCB Specials Machining buyer index?
    The MCB Specials Machining buyer index is a weighted average of the answers of a large group of purchasers in the Machining industry to the following questions:
    1. Is the number of orders in your business higher, lower or the same as last month?
    2. Is your company's production level higher, lower or the same as last month?
    3. Is your company's employment higher, lower or the same as last month?
    4. Is your supplier's delivery time shorter, longer or the same as last month?
    5. Is the stock of purchased material higher, lower or the same as last month?
    Are these all the questions asked?
    No, you will also be asked for the purchase price (higher, lower or the same), but it will not be included in the index. Because the research is anonymous (and therefore we do not know which answers a participant gives), three questions should be answered each time about the company: how big it is, what the most important method of machining is and in which region it is located.
  • How do I know if my order has been received?
    You will receive an order confirmation in your mailbox within minutes. If you have not received an order confirmation, please contact your MCB contact or our Sales department by calling +31 (0)36 54 95 151 or mailing
  • Does MCB Specials also deliver to individuals?
    MCB Specials does not deliver to individuals.
  • How can I create an online account?
    Go to “My MCB Specials” log-in screen. Click the button ‘Register’ and follow the instructions.
  • How can I make and save a calculation?
    If you are an MCB Specials customer and have an online account, you can calculate the costs of your total order in the “My MCB Specials” environment under “Calculations”. You can also use this option to rapidly and easily compile repeat order lists.
    You can save your calculations too. It is a simple matter to transfer these orders to your shopping cart, with a single click, at a later moment.
  • What are delivery times of MCB Specials?
    Our lorries deliver from 7:30 to 17:00 hrs on working days (from Mondays to Fridays).
  • I am a customer, but I also want to be able to order online.
    Click Login at the top right of your screen, and then click the Create online account button. Enter your email address which is known to us in the system and you will receive an email directly into your inbox. This email contains a link to create a new password. If you have not received an email, please contact MCB Specials and we will be happy to assist you.
  • How do I log in?
    Click ‘Log in’ in the top right-hand corner and enter your e-mail address and password.
  • Where can I find the gross price list?

    See here the MCB Specials gross price list as you are used to.


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