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Traditionally packaging had to do its job until it reached the customer, but now MCB Specials looks at its customer’s processes too. We look further than just our own packaging requirements and take the needs of the customer into account in our decisions. We have employees within MCB Specials who are constantly involved in the optimisation of packaging.

VCI film
Aluminium, stainless steel and steel bundles are wrapped as standard with a Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting film (VCI). Single sheets are wrapped in cardboard with a PET layer. Aluminium, stainless steel and non-ferrous pipe and steel bars are wrapped, and steel is bound with strapping tape or tie wire.

Packaging metal: with or without nails
Customers with a STOPA Storage & Retrieval System have indicated that they no longer wish to receive nailed pallets under the products. Through tests conducted in one of our customer’s warehouses we have now reached the point where we temporarily connect nail-free pallets to each other with a single staple. If you move the wood, the staple breaks and you have separated wood.
MCB Specials is constantly looking for improvements in packaging, for example to ensure that goods do not sag after we have altered the pallets. All our packaging is listed in a standard packaging book that has been recorded in the quality system. So we know the exact characteristics of all the materials. We are always interested in receiving enquiries and suggestions from customers. Customisation is always possible, providing that the customer realises that this comes at a cost. It is our dream to have no packaged sheet material in our warehouse and that the materials are only wrapped before they go to the customer.


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